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This page will show you resources available to all ARES members

as well as supplies each member should possess to be able

to respond at any moment to a local emergency.

ARES Handbook

Click HERE to read the ARES Handbook

if you would like more information

about the ARES organization.

MC-ARES Emergency Pocket Cards

We have a pocket card available with all the important emergency phone numbers and radio frequencies to be used when we are called "into action". The image at the left shows both the front and back side of the card.

These are the same size as standard business cards and will easily fit into your wallet or your emergency go kit so you will always have the info available.

If you do not have one of these cards then come to our monthly meetings and we should have them available.

If you would like to download a pdf version of the card click HERE.

Every ARES members must have an ARES vest.

This is not only for safety purposes but also so workers in the affected areas know who you are and what you are doing there. When another responder is looking for a means of communication this vest provides a quick resource for that individual.

Be sure to have one of these in your Go Kit.

The ARES hat is a good way to add to your image

as an Emergency Communicator


For Membership Application form, click HERE.

For Monterey County ARES brochure, click HERE.

Click HERE to read the ARES manual.

Click HERE to read about the The ARRL Field Organization Structure.

Click HERE to read about the Santa Clara Valley Section Organization.

Click HERE to sign up for the ARES E-Newsletter.

Click HERE for info on Echolink.

Click HERE for ARRL/ARES brochure (different than the one above).

Click HERE for Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program:

Monterey County Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan 2014-2016


Click HERE to read the article:

FEMA Administrator Calls Amateur Radio “The Last Line of Defense”

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service: Meeting the 9-1-1 Challenge. Click HERE

Ham Radio Still Plays a Vital Role in Communications. Click HERE to read the story.

A great "Personal Go Kit" check list can be found HERE


APRIL Sea Otter Classic

APRIL Big Sur International Marathon


MAY Watsonville Fly-In and Air Show


SEPTEMBER Salinas International Air Show


NOVEMBER Shelter Exercise

Local Clubs:


Links to photos from recent events will be added to this section.


ICS and NIMS Courses


Amateur Radio 101. A nice basic course for those interested in learning more about ham radio.

Amateur Radio 102. A continuation of the above course.

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