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This page will be used to share DIY projects that are of interest to ARES members, such as antenna projects, Go-Kits, Shack-in-a-Box, etc. Also, any Hints and Kinks kind of info can be shared on here. Just send your documents, drawings, etc, to the webmaster and a link will be put on this page for those projects. Click HERE to email the webmaster.

"Examining an inexpensive Wideband Software Defined Radio Receiver"

A presentation by Alan Jump, N5ILN

Everything you need to know to build a SDR radio receiver.

Click HERE to view presentation.

DIY Flashlight made using 2 LED's,1 resistor, 1 switch, and a 9 volt transistor radio battery

Click HERE to see the project details via a youtube video.

Instructions for making

a 2M/440 open stub J-pole

Click HERE

2 Meter Half-Wave J-Pole Antenna

From 450 Ohm Ladder Line

Click HERE

Presentation by Rob Winningham

on Baluns and Ununs

Click HERE

A simple feed line pass through project

that eliminates the need to drill holes through the wall of your house as designed by Dave Guernsey, KJ6CBS

Click HERE

The ubiquitous 555 IC makes a simple Code Practice Oscillator.

This IC can be used for many, many DIY projects.

Click HERE

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