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Monterey County ARES meets on the net every Wednesday

evening at 1930 hours (7:30 PM) on the following frequency:

K6JE 145.470, -600, PL=94.8

located on Fremont Peak

As part of our training, the repeater/frequencies used will change periodically

Please refer to the calendar for specific information.

Net Control Operator (NCO) varies as per our calendar schedule. 

Please contact Jim Tripp, WA6DIJ, to sign up to be NCO

ARES net control as of March 2023.jpg

Net Control Operator Script

Click HERE

Print out an ARES/RACES net log sheet HERE

FIRST WEDNESDAY NET - Currently on hold

Larry Robison, KJ6IXA, coordinates the "First Wednesday Nets"

This is part of our training where we try to meet at a different served agency

on the 1st Wednesday of each month to run the net from that location.

The goal of the First Wednesday Net is to insure that the ham radio equipment at the various served agencies work when an emergency arises.

Hams who live in the area of the served agency scheduled for the 1st Wednesday net are expected to report to the agency to help facilitate net control. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 hams man the station for net control. Each ham will be assigned a specific task as part of the exercise. The tasks include Net Control Operator (NCO), Logger, and Liaison. The NCO will run the net while the Logger copies all the check in call signs, names and locations. The Liaison Operator will interface between the NCO and other activities within the agency. During an actual emergency activation, these three tasks will be the minimum necessary to insure efficient operation of the amateur radio command post. Also, in an emergency activation we will be required to man the radios 24 hours per day so we need a large number of trained hams at each of our served agencies.

As a wise man once said "failing to plan is planning to fail" so lets plan to succeed.

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